Hi Nanna Drama: Nani Apologizes for Leaked Rashmika-Vijay Photos, But Is the Damage Done?

Nani’s upcoming film “Hi Nanna” is supposed to be a light-hearted family rom-com, but its pre-release promotions have become anything but. A shocking incident at the film’s event has sparked controversy, leaving everyone asking: Did Nani betray his friends Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Devarakonda for publicity?

Here’s the lowdown on what went down:

Private photos, public outrage: During the “Hi Nanna” promotions in Visakhapatnam, the anchor surprised the audience by displaying private photos of Rashmika and Vijay together on a vacation. This triggered immediate backlash from fans, who slammed the film’s team for invading their privacy and using their personal lives for cheap publicity.

Nani steps in to apologize: The incident put Nani, a close friend of both Rashmika and Vijay, under immense pressure. He quickly issued an apology, clarifying that he had no knowledge of the photo segment and that it was an impulsive act by someone at the event. He assured everyone that the leak wasn’t intentional and that he deeply regretted the hurt it caused.

Rashmika and Vijay stay cool: Thankfully, both Rashmika and Vijay, understanding the promotional misstep, have reportedly taken the incident in their stride. They clarified that they hold no grudges against anyone and are focused on supporting “Hi Nanna” for its genuine merits.

Beyond the controversy: While the photo leak is undeniably a stain on the film’s promotions, “Hi Nanna” itself promises a wholesome family entertainer. Directed by debutant Shouryuv, the film boasts a stellar cast including Nani, Mrunal Thakur, Shruti Haasan, and Baby Kiara, and revolves around a heartwarming family story with a touch of humor.

Questions linger: The controversy, however, raises several questions. Was it a genuine mistake, or a calculated publicity stunt gone wrong? Will this incident affect “Hi Nanna”‘s box office performance? And most importantly, has the trust between Nani, Rashmika, and Vijay been irreparably damaged?

Time will tell: Only time will tell how this controversy unfolds. But one thing’s for sure: “Hi Nanna” has become more than just a movie. It’s become a test of public forgiveness, a case study in celebrity privacy, and a reminder that even well-intentioned promotions can sometimes backfire spectacularly.

So, will you watch “Hi Nanna” despite the drama? Share your thoughts in the comments below!