Munawar Exposed! Ayesha Enters Bigg Boss, Romance Drama Explodes

Get ready for some major drama in the Bigg Boss 17 house! Wildcard contestant Ayesha Khan has entered the show and is coming in hot with accusations against Munawar Faruqui. The internet is buzzing with the latest promo, and here’s a breakdown of all the juicy details

Ayesha Khan Exposes Munawar Faruqui

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Remember when Ayesha Khan, a model-influencer, claimed Munawar Faruqui, the stand-up comedian, was double dating her before entering the show? Well, it seems she’s come to the house to confront him face-to-face! In the promo, Ayesha throws some serious shade at Munawar, questioning his relationship status and the truthfulness of his words.

Munawar Faruqui Caught in the Act?

Things get interesting when Ayesha confronts Munawar directly. She asks him about his previous claim of being single, and guess what? Munawar admits to “pretending” to date Nazila, another contestant! Ayesha, understandably upset, doesn’t hold back.


She questions his motives and brings up the involvement of other women, leaving Munawar flustered and trying to defend himself.

Ayesha Khan & Munawar Faruqui First Conversation In BB 17

A shocking twist rocks Bigg Boss 17! Ayesha Khan crashes the party, throwing bombshell accusations at Munawar Faruqui as Mannara Chopra watches in stunned silence.

Ayesha Khan : You had stated to me that you have had your break up?

Munawar Faruqui: Yes, but I am pretending that I am dating her

Ayesha Khan : That means all the stuff that you had told me… were a lie?

Munawar Faruqui: Munawar Faruqui fumbles a bit and says “Yes… but that was not a lie”

Ayesha Khan : Did you not two time me?

Munawar Faruqui: Ayesha to listen to him

Ayesha Khan : Then, you say that you love me. If it was about me and Munawar, I would have heard you out. But there were other women involved

Ayesha And Munawar’s First Meet In BB | Bigg Boss 17

Double Trouble: Ankita-Vicky vs. Neil-Aishwarya

If you thought Ayesha and Munawar’s drama was enough, buckle up! The promo also shows a heated argument between Ankita Lokhande and Aishwarya Sharma. These two actresses haven’t exactly been besties since the beginning, and their simmering tension finally explodes.


It all starts with Neil and Vicky having a disagreement, which somehow drags Aishwarya and Ankita into the mess. Things get nasty with name-calling and accusations flying back and forth.

A Sneak Peek into What’s to Come

This explosive promo is just a taste of what’s to come in the latest Bigg Boss 17 episode. We can expect emotional confrontations, shocking revelations, and plenty of drama to keep us glued to our screens. The episode is sure to have a major impact on the dynamics within the house and influence how viewers perceive the contestants.

Stay tuned for the full episode to see how this drama unfolds!


  • A former model named Ayesha Khan and accuses stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui of double dating her before entering the Bigg Boss 17 house.

  • In the latest promo, Ayesha confronts Munawar in front of fellow contestant Mannara Chopra.

  • Munawar admits to “pretending” to date Mannara, but Ayesha is upset about the deception and the involvement of other women.

  • The confrontation gets heated as Ayesha questions Munawar’s motives and calls out his lies.

  • The promo also shows a fight between actresses Ankita Lokhande and Aishwarya Sharma, who have been at odds since the beginning of the season.

  • The episode is sure to have a major impact on the dynamics within the Bigg Boss house and influence how viewers perceive the contestants.

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