Laxman Sunil Lahri Not Invited For Ram Mandir Inauguration

Sunil Lahri, the actor who played the beloved role of Laxman in Ramanand Sagar’s iconic Ramayan, has expressed surprise and disappointment at not being invited to the upcoming inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

Key Points:

  • Sunil Lahri, along with the Ramayan crew except Arun Govil (Ram) and Dipika Chikhlia (Sita), was not invited to the inauguration ceremony.

  • Lahri expressed no upset but acknowledged feeling good about a possible inclusion.

  • He speculated personal dislike or not finding his portrayal significant as possible reasons for exclusion.

  • Prominent personalities from other fields received invitations.

While his co-stars Arun Govil (Ram) and Dipika Chikhlia (Sita) received invitations, Lahri’s absence has raised eyebrows among fans and the media.

Sunil Lahri’s Laxman Role : A Place in People’s Hearts


Lahri’s portrayal of Laxman, Ram’s loyal and righteous brother, won hearts throughout India and the diaspora. His chemistry with Govil and Chikhlia brought the epic characters to life, making Ramayan one of the most watched television shows in history. Many consider Lahri’s performance equally deserving of recognition, making the exclusion from the historic event a cause for concern.

Sunil Lahri’s Reasons and Reactions

In an interview with ETimes, Lahri expressed his mixed emotions. He acknowledged the surprise at not being invited but emphasized that he held no grudge against the organizers. He speculated that the organizers might not have considered Laxman’s character significant enough or might have had personal reasons for the omission.


Lahri also voiced his surprise at the exclusion of the entire Ramayan crew from the invitation list. He clarified that while one doesn’t expect an invitation to every event, being part of such a momentous occasion would have been truly special.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Lahri’s revelation has sparked mixed reactions on social media. Many fans expressed disappointment and questioned the criteria behind the invitation list. Some speculated that personal biases or political considerations might have played a role, while others urged against jumping to conclusions without knowing the organizers’ perspective.

Beyond the Invitation


Regardless of the reasons behind the oversight, Lahri’s contribution to Ramayan remains undeniable. His portrayal of Laxman continues to inspire millions and remains a testament to his talent and dedication. The episode serves as a reminder that awards and recognition, while gratifying, cannot diminish the true impact of an artist’s work.

Possible Reasons for Exclusion

  • Limited Invitations: The ceremony might have limited guestlists due to security, logistics, or other restrictions.

  • Focus on Main Cast: Preference might have been given to the central characters, Rama and Sita, played by Govil and Chikhlia.

  • Focus on Other Aspects: Organizers might prioritize religious figures, political leaders, or other personalities considered more relevant to the ceremony’s purpose.

  • Unspecified Criteria: The selection criteria for invitees might not be public, leaving room for speculation and interpretation.

Additional Considerations:

  • Lahri’s speculation about personal dislike is unsubstantiated and shouldn’t be taken as confirmed.

  • The organizers haven’t publicly commented on the issue, further fueling speculation.

  • This omission is likely to ignite discussions about inclusion, representation, and the subjective nature of artistic recognition.
Ram mandir ayodhya

It’s important to remember that Lahri’s portrayal of Laxman remains deeply cherished by millions of fans. While his absence from the ceremony might be disappointing, it doesn’t diminish the impact of his performance or the enduring legacy of the Ramayan series.

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