Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide Box Office Roars with Double Digits!

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide

On December 1st, 2023, a cinematic storm swept across India and the world. “Sam Bahadur,” the highly anticipated biopic of war hero Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, stormed onto the silver screen, bringing with it a wave of patriotism, nostalgia, and anticipation.

Released amidst a clash with another big-ticket Bollywood film, Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal,” many wondered: would “Sam Bahadur” hold its own? The answer, particularly after the film’s promising 3rd day box office collection, seems to be a resounding “Yes!”

Day 1 and Day 2: A Steady Start in a Battlefield of Releases

Vicky Kaushal as Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : “Sam Bahadur” opened its doors to a respectable ₹6.25 crore (approximately $775,000) on Day 1. While not earth-shattering, it was a decent start given the fierce competition from “Animal” and a relatively smaller screen count compared to its rival.

Day 2 saw a positive jump, with collections climbing to ₹9 crore (approximately $1.1 million). This 45% increase hinted at positive word-of-mouth and growing interest in the film.

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : A Step Towards Victory?

Vicky Kaushal's Sam Bahadur Avatar

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : And then came the pivotal Day 3. The battlefield of the box office witnessed “Sam Bahadur” cross a crucial milestone – entering the double-digit zone. The film raked in an impressive ₹10.30 crore (approximately $1.27 million), marking a total collection of ₹25.55 crore (approximately $3.15 million) over its opening weekend.

This significant rise, a 14% jump from Day 2, painted a promising picture for the film’s future and sparked a flurry of discussions and analyses.

Sam Bahadur Stands Tall: Weekend Warriors Conquer Box Office Despite Animal Roar

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : Facing fierce competition from the mighty “Animal,” Vicky Kaushal’s “Sam Bahadur” holds its own, amassing a respectable Rs 25.55 crore in its opening weekend! Though “Animal” roared with a Rs 63.8 crore first-day roar, “Sam Bahadur” proved its mettle with a steady climb – witnessing a 50% jump on Saturday to rake in Rs 9 crore.

Sam Bahadur A Film that Resonates with National Sentiments

Sunday saw “Sam Bahadur” captivate audiences, registering a 56.33% Hindi occupancy, with peak footfall during evening and afternoon shows. Director Meghna Gulzar‘s biopic on war hero Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw resonated with viewers, despite mixed critical reception. While some praised the performances and production value, others felt the storytelling lacked depth.

Overall, “Sam Bahadur” demonstrates strong staying power amidst box office giants. With its weekend triumph, the film sets the stage for a thrilling race in the coming weeks. Will “Sam Bahadur” continue its climb and etch its name in cinematic history? Stay tuned for the next chapter in this box office saga!

Vicky Kaushal’s “Sam Bahadur” Hits Double Digits, Roars Past Weekend Hurdles

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : After a promising start, Vicky Kaushal’s “Sam Bahadur” has finally breached the double-digit mark in India, raking in a cool Rs. 10.3 crore on its 3rd day! Despite facing stiff competition from Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal,” the war biopic shows steady growth and captivating audiences with its Sunday occupancy rate hitting 56.33%.

war scene from the film Sam Bahadur

From a Rs. 6.26 crore opening to a 44% jump on Saturday, “Sam Bahadur” is slowly but surely finding its footing. The film’s total collection now stands at a respectable Rs. 25.55 crore, with key metros displaying strong footfall over the weekend.

Analyst Taran Adarsh highlights the film’s Day 3 growth and emphasizes the crucial test ahead – Monday’s performance. Can “Sam Bahadur” maintain its momentum and leave a lasting mark? Only time will tell, but the weekend’s positive signals are a promising sign for Kaushal and director Meghna Gulzar.

Adding to the film’s buzz, Kaushal’s surprise visit to a Mumbai theatre during a screening further amplified the connection with fans. Witnessing a houseful show and receiving heartwarming love solidified his appreciation for the audience’s support.

In conclusion, “Sam Bahadur” might not have roared as loud as “Animal” in its debut, but its consistent climb and double-digit achievement point towards a potential box office battle worth watching. With Monday’s challenge and Kaushal’s fan engagement, the coming weeks promise a thrilling race for cinematic glory.

Sam Bahadur Weathers “Animal” Storm, Captures Hearts and Box Office Momentum

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : Vicky Kaushal’s “Sam Bahadur” stands tall amidst the cinematic hurricane of “Animal,” steadily gaining ground with each passing day. Analyst Taran Adarsh aptly describes the film’s journey: “#SamBahadur stands on its feet, despite a hurricane called #Animal.” Riding a wave of positive word-of-mouth, the war biopic witnessed a surge in key metros on Day 2 and 3, culminating in a Day 3 collection of Rs. 10.30 crore and a total of Rs. 25.55 crore. The real test, as Adarsh points out, begins now with Monday’s crucial performance.

Sam Bahadur

Beyond box office numbers, “Sam Bahadur” is resonating deeply with audiences and critics alike. Saibal Chatterjee, in his 3.5-star review for NDTV, praises the film’s sweep and captivating portrayal of Sam Manekshaw’s life.

Even more importantly, the film has moved the legendary Field Marshal’s daughter, Maja Daruwala, to tears. Her emotional response at The Indian Express’ Adda event, where she expressed her pride in the film and her connection to the final scene, speaks volumes about the film’s impact.

sanya malhotra IN Sam Bahadur

This emotional connection is what sets “Sam Bahadur” apart from the box office battle. While “Animal” might have roared louder initially, “Sam Bahadur’s” slow and steady climb, fueled by critical acclaim, audience appreciation, and a powerful narrative, could lead to a sustained victory. The coming weeks promise a thrilling race, where the film’s ability to stay super-steady at its best-performing centers will be key.

In short, “Sam Bahadur” is not just a box office contender; it’s a story that captures hearts and leaves a lasting impact. Its journey, weathering the storm of competition and forging its own path, is one to watch with anticipation.

Why the Surge? Dissecting the Factors at Play

Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide : Several factors contributed to the upward trajectory of “Sam Bahadur” on Day 3. Firstly, positive word-of-mouth played a crucial role. Critics generally praised the film’s production value, Vicky Kaushal’s performance as Manekshaw, and its powerful portrayal of historical events. Audiences, too, echoed these sentiments, with many taking to social media to commend the film’s emotional impact and patriotism.

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

Secondly, the film’s subject matter seemed to resonate with a large segment of the Indian audience. The story of Sam Manekshaw, a war hero credited with leading India to victory in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, struck a chord with viewers seeking both national pride and historical introspection. Additionally, the film’s release around India’s Victory Day on December 16th further fueled the patriotic fervor and attracted viewers.

Beyond intrinsic factors, strategic marketing initiatives also played a part. The makers actively promoted the film across various platforms, leveraging social media, traditional media, and even innovative campaigns like interactive war rooms in select theatres. This helped generate pre-release buzz and attract viewers beyond the core target audience.


However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. “Animal” continues to be a formidable competitor, and its box office performance cannot be ignored. Additionally, weekdays often see a drop in footfall, posing a challenge for “Sam Bahadur” to maintain its momentum. The upcoming week will be crucial in determining the film’s long-term success.

Future Prospects: Will the Hero Triumph?

With its respectable Day 3 collection and positive word-of-mouth, “Sam Bahadur” has certainly established itself as a contender in the box office battle. However, the road to victory is still long and winding. Maintaining consistent collections through the weekdays, attracting family audiences, and weathering the storm of competition, particularly from “Animal,” will be critical for the film’s sustained success.

Vicky Kaushal's Sam Bahadur Promotions

Despite the uncertainties, there are reasons to be optimistic. The positive buzz surrounding the film, Vicky Kaushal’s impressive portrayal, and the film’s timely release around Victory Day could continue to draw audiences in. Additionally, the upcoming holiday season might lead to an increase in footfall, providing a much-needed boost to the film’s collections.

Conclusion : Sam Bahadur 3rd Day Collection Worldwide

Sam Bahadur box office collection day 3: Vicky Kaushal’s film holds strong amid clash with Animal, mints Rs 25.55 crore

In conclusion, “Sam Bahadur” has marched into the box office battlefield with a confident stride. Its Day 3 collection, although not as explosive as some might have hoped, holds immense promise for the film’s future. With a loyal army of critics and audiences rallying behind it, “Sam Bahadur” has the potential to etch its name in the annals of cinematic success, much like the legendary war hero it portrays. But like any war, victory is never guaranteed. Only time will tell if the film emerges.

Sam Bahadur


Sam Bahadur raked in an impressive ₹10.30 crore net on its 3rd day in India, pushing its total domestic collection to ₹25.55 crore!

The film was released on 1 December 2023 and it has grossed ₹127.27 crore (US$16 million) worldwide. At the 69th Filmfare Awards, the film received eight nominations, including Best Actor (Kaushal) and Critics Best Film.

Sam Bahadur has stayed afloat despite mixed reviews and stiff competition from Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Animal. The Ranbir Kapoor-starrer has emerged as a monstrous hit, earning more than Rs 835 cr globally and more than Rs 500 cr in India.

The estimated budget for Sam Bahadur is around ₹55 crore.

As of Day 3 in India, Sam Bahadur has earned a total of ₹25.55 crore net. The worldwide figures are yet to be released.

The talented Vicky Kaushal plays the lead role of Sam Manekshaw in Sam Bahadur.

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